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A How-To Guide for Research: Organize

Helpful Links

Concept Maps

Concept mapping is a tool that you can use to help organize your understanding of a research topic. There are templates that you can print out from the internet, like the ones at Thinkport. Or you can create one on your own using a sheet of scrap paper.

Concept map graphic organizer provides you with a fun way to map and visualize your topic. You have to create an account (it’s easy) to save, print and export the maps. Rather than generating terms for you, this tool allows you to plot out your own words and connect them. is also great for group projects because you can add collaborators. graphic organizer


You can also search for apps to be installed on your mobile device of choice. Try searching for

  • concept map and/or
  • mind map

If you like the web site, they also have an app.