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How-To Guide for Research

Articles, Journals, and Databases

Articles journals and databases infograph

Text Version of Infographic: Articles, Journals and Databases

Infographic (Text Version)

Articles on similar topics are collected into journals, which are collected into databases.

Articles typically:

  • Are papers written by scholars
  • Are focused on very specific topics
  • Are considered academic resources
  • Include citations and bibliographies
  • Are short in length, ranging from a few to around 30 pages

Journals typically:

  • Contain multiple articles
  • Are periodicals (published at consistent intervals) like newspapers and magazines
  • Are focused on a specific subject area
  • Can be available online and/or in print

Databases typically:

  • Contain multiple journals
  • Are accessible online through the library
  • Are searchable by journal or article
  • Can be subject specific or general
  • Provide either citations to specific articles and/or full-text