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APA 7: Home

What is APA Citation Style?

Welcome! Most departments at Sullivan University use the APA citation style to format papers and cite sources. If you have questions about APA style that cannot be answered using the APA Manual or this resource, please check with your instructor for specific directions.

APA Manual

Changes to APA 7

Unless specifically stated by an instructor, an abstract is not required for student essays when using APA 7.

As of 2020 Sullivan University will use APA Publication Manual 7 for citations. Some changes from the previous edition (APA 6) include:

  • Running Heads are not required for student papers but if one is used it now only contains a page number and a shortened paper title.
  • Use one space after a period, unless otherwise directed.
  • Singular use of the term “they” is acceptable
  • The first in-text citation of a work by more than two authors may list only the first author, followed by “et al.”

Reference list changes:

  • URLs are no longer preceded by "Retrieved from" unless a retrieval date is needed.
  • A website's name is included (unless it's the same as an author), and webpage titles are italicized.
  • Publisher location is no longer listed in the book reference.

APA Quick Guide