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Accounting: Home

This guide features resources to support the School of Accountancy at Sullivan University.

Welcome to the College of Accounting and Finance Guide

This library guide is to help students be aware of the general elements within the field of accounting and some of the specifics of these elements as they apply to the Sullivan University’s College of Accounting and Finance. "For more detailed Finance information, please go to;".

The Accounting News tab identifies current events going on within the business and accounting areas, as well as some publications that relate to current topics in Managerial Accounting, (Strategic Finance) and Financial Accounting, (Journal of Accountancy).  The Company Information tab gives some resources on how to research various companies.  The Course Resource tab is a good reference tool for many of your accounting courses in providing some resources to help understand accounting terms, concepts, and procedures.  The Careers and Certifications tab gives an overview of some of the opportunities that are available in the field of accounting.  Also, this tab identifies the various certifications that are available in the accounting field and resources to find more information about certain certifications.  The Scholarships tab identifies some options that might be available and a contact person to help on any questions you may have.  The Faculty tab gives a short biography of the College of Accounting and Finance faculty that teach on-site and/or online.  And finally, the Scheduling tab gives the master schedules of the accounting courses required and their potential offerings for the associates and bachelor degrees in Accounting.

In addition, the following guide can provide more information on the finance area of the College of Accounting and Finance.

If you have any questions in any of these areas, please contact Dr. Michael J. Miller at his e-mail address:


As part of Sullivan University’s ongoing efforts to assist students in their career goals, The College of Accounting and Finance utilizes an accounting tutor for the Principles of Accounting 1, 2, and 3 courses. The accounting tutor is available to all campuses and course delivery methods. Both in-class and online students may contact the accounting tutor via phone or email.  Contact information and availability for the Accounting Tutor is:

Students should feel free to call the accounting tutor during the hours listed above. If the call is long distance, students can email their contact information and the accounting tutor will call them back. Please note that the accounting tutor is accessible via phone and email. The accounting tutor is not located in the main campus tutoring center.

For all other accounting course, no tutoring services are available.  However, when a student has a question, a couple of resources are always available.  These include:

  1. Your instructor – this is always your first resources
  2. Course Resources – Go to the Course Resource tab in the Accounting Lib Guide for potential resources
  3. If possible, create a study group to help learn course concepts.