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When enrolled in their first finance course many students feel overwhelmed at the seemingly complexity of this subject.  As they progress through their first course many look back wondering why they were so distressed.  I have created this library guide to help past student brush up on old skills lost, current students learn the material in an efficient manner, and answer the questions of future students.   In this library guide you will find relevant up to date video supplements, calculators, apps, and past seminal papers.  In addition, I will have many linked websites, databases, and live news streams to help in your research.  

Richard Routt

Chair, Department of Finance

Sullivan University

Careers and Certifications

Finance can be divided into two broad categories;

  1. the processes of managing money
  2. acquiring funds  

The field of finance has many employment opportunities.  Students can obtain careers in commercial banking, investment banking, financial planning, corporate finance, or just gain the knowledge to plan their own personal resources.  Here is a wonderful tutorial on financial careers.

In addition, there are many certifications and licenses which finance student can obtain.  Some of these are required and some are not. 

Licenses are required if you are planning on selling investments.   Some license include Series 6, Series 7, Series 3, Series 63, Series 65, and Series 66.  If you are planning on selling a variety of investments I suggest looking at the Series 7.  It is a 6 hour exam can be challenging.  Here is a wonderful breakdown of each license.

Certifications in many cases are not need to work in the field; however, I suggest taking them if you have the prerequisite to take one.  Again here is a wonderful breakdown of many of the certifications in finance.

Good luck if you choose to finance as your business concentration and have a wonderful career!


Tutoring Center

If you have any financially related question concerning a current course?  Please be specific with your question.  In addition, please list the current course and teacher.  I stay in contact with all the finance teachers and like to keep them up to date with issue and problems with material in their online and face-to-face course.

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