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Finance: Financial Management

Learn about Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the functions and financing activities to run a corporation.  These activities include short term and long term financial planning to with the goal of maximizing stock holders value.  This includes capital budgeting decision, dividend payout decisions, and a variety of valuation techniques including capital budgeting. 


Websites for Corporate Finance

Yahoo finance has many resources for investors and business students, all free.  The site is linked to Edgar data for 10K and other required SEC filings.  It is possible to download all history prices on any stocks, mutual fund, or ETF on an excel spreadsheet.  In addition, all historical stock market indexes can also be downloaded. has some resources not easily obtained on Yahoo finance therefore makes the two together compliments.  The bonds section is excellent.  In addition, you can easily download 10 years of ratios on excel for the purpose of analyzing a company.  Morningstar also has a excellent section on capital structure.  The customer reports require membership.

Here is an excellent online weighted average cost of capital WACC calculator.   You just need the ticker symbol of the company you are calculating.

WACC Calculator



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