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Accounting: Careers and Certifications

This guide features resources to support the School of Accountancy at Sullivan University.

The field of accounting can broadly be divided into three major career areas.  These include:

  1. Public Accounting – external tax, external auditing and consulting activities
  2. Private Accounting – internal auditing, internal tax, management positions which require an understanding of accounting concepts, general financial manager, comptroller, treasurer, and accounting specific management positions in payroll, tax, accounts payable, and/or accounts receivable.
  3. Not-for-Profit and Governmental

An excellent resource to review careers in accounting is the Accounting Coach website.

Accounting Certifications

In addition, there are many certifications which an accounting student/graduate can pursue.  The most common and the website where more information can be obtained are:

Beyond these three certifications, there are many additional certifications in accounting or closely related fields.  A good resource to see what certification might be right for you is to go to the sites: