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Finance: Blackboard Training Videos

Blackboard Training Videos - DIRECTIONS FOR THIS PAGE

There is one text box containing six links to Blackboard videos created for student use.  It is the box just below this box.  The seventh link is a video showing how to redirect student emails (Sullivan University) to student's private emails.  This is a convenient way to keep up with emails.

In addition, there are three video playlists for teaching and learning on Blackboard.  The first video playlist contains videos on using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  These videos inform faculty how to best utlize Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  However, students might find some use and knowledge watching them.

The second playlist contains two videos for a beginner in Blackboard.  The first video will walk a new student through all the important sections of using Blackboard.  The second video in this playlist will walk a novice faculty through the important sections of Blackboard.  Both will ensure faculty and students are successful in online learning. 

The third video playlist contains videos on basic Blackboard functions.  This includes videos on audio/video feedback for student assignments.  How to embed multimedia and other types of documents for student needs.  In addition, there is a video on using the Tools feature for collecting and storage of documents. 

If anyone has any questions or comments for additional videos please email me at

Richard Routt

Blackboard Training Videos - FOR STUDENTS

1. Blackboard Training Videos - Collaborate Ultra FOR FACULTY

3. Blackboard Training Videos - FOR FACULTY

2. Blackboard Training Videos - FOR FACULTY AND STUDENTS