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Career Planning and Preparation: Explore Careers

Researching Career Choices

Intersection of what you love, what the world needs, what you're good at, and what someone will pay for

In a perfect world the career you pursue will give you purpose. To help you find a career that will give you that purpose you will want to conduct research. There are many outlets of information when researching a career -- magazine & journal articles; encyclopedias; directories; job advertisements; and much more.

Library Databases

Use the library's database subscriptions to research your career selection.  

  • For example: if you are interested in the outlook for graduates with an accounting degree--use EBSCO's Business Source Complete or the ProQuest Accounting & Tax databases. Try typing in a search such as accountants and demand.  Talk to a librarian if you need help getting started.

Catalog Search

Search the Library Catalog for books, ebooks, and DVDs. 

Use this search box to search the Sullivan Library Catalog.

Government Sources