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Sullivan University Libraries @ Lexington

Use this guide to find information about the library and the Lexington Campus.

Library Guides

Library Guides

  • Guides on specific subjects that have links to useful resources


Academic Journals (peer-reviewed or scholarly)

  • Publishes articles by subject specialists
  • Peer reviewed articles are evaluated by other experts before publication


  • Collections of articles from journals and magazines
  • Some databases provide only summaries of articles and do not include full text. Use the Journal Index to check if the library has access to the journal article you need.

Trade Publications

  • Articles written by and for workers in a particular field
  • Articles may have sources cited, but sometimes do not


  • Articles geared toward the general public
  • Popular interest and current events


  • Useful for researching current events or tracking the development of historical events


Print and ebooks

  • Useful for the complete background on an issue or an in-depth analysis of a theory or person
  • Can take years to publish, so may not always include the most current information

Reference Books

  • Include facts, figures, addresses, statistics, definitions, dates, etc.
  • Useful for finding factual or statistical information or for a brief overview of a particular topic