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Faculty Development and Resources

2021 Faculty Retreat Handouts & Videos

  • Retention Effort for 2020 and Beyond - Tim Swenson and Nina Martinez (PDF)
  • How We Move Forward: Faculty Collaboration and the Library - Amie Baltes, Jody Ford and Kandace Rogers (PDF) (Video)
  • Building Better Assessments - Sarah Raake, Kimberly Daugherty and Ben Stephens (PDF) (Video)
  • The PEACE Model of Conflict Management, Compassion, and Forgiveness - Kimberly Castle, Becky Sams, and LaVena Wilkin (PDF) (Video)
  • Copyright for Sullivan Classrooms - Jackie Young (Video)
  • Delivering Peer Feedback to Learners with Microsoft Power Automate - Ben Stephens, Kimberly Daugherty, and Sarah Raake (PDF) (Video) (Follow-up Video)
  • Cannabis, Hemp & CDB: Dispelling the MythsKathy Sanders and Jodi Scholes (PDF)