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Faculty Development and Resources

Library Liaisons

Department/Program Faculty Member Librarian(s)
College of Allied Health Linda Blair Jody Ford
College of Hospitality Studies David Hendricksen Jackie Young
College of Legal Studies Jennifer Gaither Jackie Young
College of Nursing Carla Carter Jody Ford
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Misty Stutz Jody Ford
College of Business and Technology Tim Swenson Jackie Young

Dean of Business Programs

Heather Merrifield Jackie Young

Dean of the PhD Programs

LaVena Wilkin Jackie Young

Dean of Technology Programs

Travis Tiller Jody Ford
General Education Anthony Piña Jackie Young

Humanities & Fine Arts, Chair (General Education)

Josh Simpson Jody Ford

Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Chair (General Education)

Charles Pollington Jody Ford

Social and Behavioral Science, Chair (General Education)

Tonnie Renfro Jody Ford
Lexington Miscellaneous Kandace Rogers