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Faculty Development and Resources

Panopto for Teaching with Video

Creating and Managing Instructional Video: How do I...

  1. Set up a new course to use Panopto video? (Video) (MS Word)
  2. Download and install the Panopto Recorder App on my Windows computer? (Video)
  3. Download and install the Pantopto Recorder App on my Mac Computer? (Video)
  4. Make a recording with Panopto for Windows? (Video)
  5. Make a recording with Panopto For Mac? (Video)
  6. Manage and Share Panopto Recordings? (Video)
  7. Insert a Panopto video into a course announcement with Mashup (and what to do if Mashup doesn't work)? (Video
  8. Insert and edit closed captions? (Video)
  9. Cut unwanted sections from a Panopto video? (Video
  10. Run a Panopto session report to view participation? (Video)

Sample Course Introduction Video

  1. MGT 330: Dr. Terry Kibiloski (Video)