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Fake News and Misinformation

How to Spot Fake News

Ask yourself 4 critical questions to SPOT - and stop - fake news online.

  1. Is this a credible Source?
    • Check the source of the article - and be skeptical.
  2. Is the Perspective biased?
    • Think critically and look for varying viewpoints on an issue.
  3. Are Other sources reporting the same story?
    • Be your own fact-checker and verify the validity of the story.
  4. Is the story Timely?
    • Check the date the story was published.

Signs of Fake News

Types of fake news (junk news, pseudo-news, alternative facts, disinformation, or hoax news):

  1. Distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information is used to create outrage.
  2. Click-bait headlines
  3. Ads disguised as stories. (Some will have "Ad" or "Sponsored" written in small type near the article link or image.)

What is not fake news?

  • Satire/comedy sites
  • True stories you don't agree with.