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Scoring Rubric

Examples in Action

So how would this work? Let's take a two team competition as an example, Team A 'loses' the game by running out of cards in the player deck while Team B wins a hard fought game.

Team A loses in a 'long game' they face and survive four epidemics, cures 3 of the 4 diseases and manages to eradicate two of them and manages the diseases well enough to have only unleashed 1 outbreak and keeping a total of 34 cities disease free and 68 of the disease cubes in the supplies.

By winning a hard fought game Team B has unleashed 5 outbreaks, only has 14 cities disease free, the supplies have 30 disease cubes, and finally they managed to survive 3 epidemics.

Here would be the scoring:

Achievements Points Awarded Team A Team B
Win the game 100 0 100
Cure a disease 20 60 --
Eradicate a disease 5 10 0
Cities disease free 1 34 14
Disease cube supply 0.5 34 15
Survive an epidemic 5 20 15
Unleash an outbreak -3 -3 -15
Total   155 129


Using this tournament scoring Team A would lose the game of Pandemic, but win the event having done a better job controlling the spread of the diseases.