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Academic Resource Center: ARC Tutoring Schedule

Welcome to The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Thank you for stopping by the Academic Resource Center!  For the Fall 2021 quarter, we will be offering a combination of on-campus and online tutoring. Online tutoring will take place via Microsoft Teams beginning this fall. 

The ARC in-person and online tutoring will be closed December 17th, 2021 through January 2nd, 2022 for winter break.

How to use our online tutoring services:

The Academic Resource Center utilizes video conferencing, so if you need help with English, Writing, Academic Success (FYE, time management, study skills, research, etc.), Math, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Anatomy and Physiology, you’ll be able to work with a live tutor in real-time. All you need is access to a Chrome browser window on your laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Simply find your subject area and tutor below and click on the TinyURL link underneath the tutor's name.

Contact Us:
Call: 502-413-8932


Accounting Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Merisa Meador

Mon: 10-2 pm (Online)

Tues: 12-1 pm and 8-10 pm (Online)

Weds: 12-1 pm (Online)

Thurs: 12-1 pm and 7-10 pm (Online)

Fri-Sun: by appointment 



Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Prof. Joelle Robinson

Mon: 12pm-1pm (In person, Online) 

Tues: 12pm-1pm (In person, Online)

Wed: 11am-1pm, 5pm-7pm (Online)

Thurs: 11am-1pm, 5pm-7pm (Online)

In person appointments are located at Dupont Campus in the Faculty Center. Please call 502-252-1789 upon arrival.

Dr. Jaafar Al-Azzawi
Sun - Sat 11am-3pm (Online) by appointment (email

Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Jessica Elliott
Mon & Wed: 10 am-3 pm (Online) 
Tue & Thu: 10 am-3 pm (Lexington) ONLINE ONLY WEEK 10 & 11

Sat: 12-2 pm (Online) 

Kristen McIntosh
Mon 10 am-2 pm (Louisville & Online)
Tues & Wed: 7-9 pm (Online)
Thu: 10 am-2 pm (Louisville & Online)

Sun: 1:30-4:30 pm (Online) 


Economics Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Dr. Kurt Huntley
Mon & Tue: 8:30-11 am (Online)
Wed: 6-8 pm (Online)

and by appointment

English/Writing/First Year Experience (FYE)

English/Writing/FYE Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Jessica Elliott
Mon & Wed: 10 am-3 pm (Online) 
Tue & Thu: 10 am-3 pm (Lexington) ONLINE ONLY WEEK 10 & 11

Sat: 12-2 pm (Online)

Katie Fraser
Mon-Thurs: 6-10 pm (Online)

Alex Schulz

Fri: 8am-10am (Online)


Math Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2021

Melissa Belcher
Sun: 4-6pm (Online) 

Mike Benton
Mon: 9am-2pm (In person, Online) 
Tues: 2pm-7pm (In person, Online)

Weds: 9am-2pm (In person, Online)
Thurs: 2pm-7pm (In person, Online)

In person sessions located at Sullivan Lexington Campus Room 135