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Faculty Services Guide: Library Instruction


While this menu is not exhaustive it represents the types of material the librarians can teach your class. The point system is to give a general sense of the minimum amount of time required to cover that subject. When filling out the request form please limit to three items and no more than 9 points per 50 minute instruction session. Also keep in mind the following requirements: 


  • All class visits need to be requested at least one week in advance.
  • All instructors need to be present during a librarian class visit, barring circumstances that are both unforeseen and unavoidable.

These come from the full instruction policy located on the home tab of this guide, please review and become familiar with it prior to requesting class visits.


Note: If you are interested in a 'dessert' please mark the form (on the right) with other and describe which option you are interested in. When brining your class to use the library space, it is not required that you use this form, but if you let us know it can help assure appropriate levels of staff to support your class. We can also keep track and advise faculty if there is a chance (however rare) that space could become a concern.