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Academic Resource Center: Academic Success/First Year Experience (FYE)


Welcome to the Academic Success section of the ARC!

In this section, we will post original content that assists students in developing effective study skills and time management practices. You'll also find materials to support you with your work with instructional technologies such as Blackboard, Pearson's My Math Lab, and the Writing Lab. Check back often because we're updating our content frequently!

Other useful Library guides

Time Management with Office 365

Did you know that you receive many time management apps with your student Office 365 account? You can use them anywhere you have a computer with Internet access or you can download the apps onto your phone.


Productivity apps in Office365. Go to student email, sign in, and click more button.

As you can see, you have a ton of apps that you can use to help you manage your school work and projects. You may not have all the apps listed here, but you do have the important ones. Don’t forget to click on All Apps or Explore Your Apps to access the full list.