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Mergent Online: Database Tutorial

Executive Search

The Executive Search allows you to specify a wide range of textual and financial criteria to be searched for.

These criteria are textual or numeric information within the data stored on companies’ executives. Multiple criteria can be set, combined with AND or OR for even greater refinement in searches.

You may choose from eight different categories of information from which to build criteria for your specific search.

  • Select Target Universe: Check-off the company databases to be searched.  Select from any of the available Mergent Databases:
  • US Company Universe: Active publicly traded US companies
  • International Universe: Non-US publicly traded companies

Note: Depending on your subscription, various database names will be available for selection.

  • To Build Search Criteria
    • Select the databases you wish to search by setting the check box in front of their names.
      For searching executives there are only two available databases: active US and International companies.
    • Once you have selected the databases you wish to search within, Select Data Categories by choosing one of the tab options:
      • Corporate Information
      • Executives
      • Financials
      • Industry Codes
      • Pricing
      • Ratios
      • Textual Search
      • Index & Portfolio
  • After you have chosen a specific category of information, select a data point of interest by clicking the (+) icon next to it.  This will populate the area below with each data point you choose and more specific options available for that particular data point.
  • When you click on a data point, you will notice that this data point and further specifications particular to it will appear in a row below the options box.
    • If you have clicked a data point incorrectly, simply click on the X on the left of the criteria box.
    • If you have chosen the correct data point, be certain to offer further specifications to better narrow your search.  
      Note: Select a category from the list above for a specific break down of the options available to you for each data point.
  • As you build the criteria for your search, pay attention to the numbers generating within each data point box.  This is Mergent Online¬ís projection for the number of results available for each additional data point.  As your search becomes more specific, the number will naturally become smaller.  Note:  Even if you build a search with multiple data points, you do not have to start over if you wish to perform your search from any earlier data criterion which may return higher results.  At the right of each data point box is a view link.  Click this link to view your results at each stage of your criteria building process. 

Note: The number generation tool may take some time to populate. You may either choose to wait for it or view the results before this estimate number generates.  

  • When ready, choose the view button to start the search for executives satisfying the criteria specified.
    This will take you to the Search Results page.