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Culinary Basic Skills--Lexington: Flashcards

Students in the Basic Culinary Skills class can find flash cards, books, and other recommended resources about culinary terms, knife skills, meat cuts, and sauces.



  • most sites allow you to use flashcard sets created by other students OR create your own.  Sites with stored cards are searchable by subject.  
  • free registration typically required to create and save card sets.  Upgrade to subscription adds additional features or will eliminate advertising while using
  • device that services are available on will vary -- website version might have features not available in app or vice-versa 

Flashcards Websites

Chegg Prep -- includes pre-loaded cards along with help to create personal cards.  Chegg website also has Study 101, help to study better and more effectively.  

ExamTime --  also offers quizzes, notes organizer, study planner and Mind Maps -  unique brainstorming tool to help you organize a topic for better understanding.  Online and app versions.  

Flashcard Machine -- basic service free online, additional fee for app versions. 

Quizlet -- offers flashcards as well as other study help such as spelling, learner and test modes.  Annual subscription upgrade allows you to add images to cards. Work with other students to create cards for a class or to challenge others to compete as you learn.   

StudyBlue -- starts free but many features unavailable without subscription.

Study Stack -- a variety of learning games in addition to flashcards, hangman, crossword, matching and more. Android app only.


Apps to try

ALL platforms:

  • Cram 
  • Quizlet 
  • StudyBlue 


  • AnkiDroid 
  • StudyDroid 


  • Chegg Flashcards 
  • Flashcards Deluxe
  • Flashcards+ 
  • Flashcards with Mental Case
  • gFlashPro 
  • iStudious