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Sullivan University Libraries @ Lexington: Using Full Text Finder

Use this guide to find information about the library and the Lexington Campus.

What is it?

Full text finder can help you:

  1. Find out if Sullivan's database subscriptions include access to a specific journal in full text, and if so for what dates of coverage.
  2. Search for an author or subject within a specific journal. 
  3. Find an article when you have incomplete citation information.

To start, click on the Journal Index box on the library homepage and login with your Sullivan ID and password.

Journal Index

Next, type in the name of the journal you are looking for.  Title information looks like this:  Accounting today full text example

Next, expand the + to see full text availability.  For example, Accounting Today, is available in 5 databases. 

Database options for Accounting Today 

Finally, click on Business Source Complete to see a table of contents page within the database to choose search within the journal or use date date breakdown to locate specific article:

Publication details for accounting today