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Books 24x7: Searching the Library's Online Catalog

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Library Catalog

The library's online catalog can be located at, and links to it can be found on the Library’s homepage. Click on the link labeled "Advanced" next to the search button on the main page of the catalog.


If you are interested in e-books only, once on the "Advanced Search screen, click the link "Change" next to locations. A pop-up box should appear with an option to click on "Virtual Library".



When you search for a topic, you results will appear as follows. Note that all items are listed as e-books.


If you click on the title, the record will appear. Note the circled portion of the record below. Click on this link to see the e-book.



Whether you are on- or off-campus, you will be redirected to the Library's standard login page.  Your username is your student ID, and your password is the same as your student portal/email password.  Once you enter your credentials, you will be given access to the ebook.  Simply click on a chapter heading to begin reading.