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Information and Computer Technology: Certifications, Careers, and Lifelong Learning

IT as a Career

Information Technology (IT) as a career developed from employers needs.  Our programs have been created from discussions with employers.  A particular set of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) are required for careers in this field.  The resources below can help you develop your KSAs.


Looking to take a certification exam?  We can help.  We operate a testing center for most of your certification needs.  To inquire about testing, send an email to  To schedule an exam, send an email with

  • Your name
  • Which testing date
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  • Which test


Career Resources

Matt Moran provides highly proactive and positive career and business advice for IT professionals. He has 20+ years of experience throughout the IT field. He publishes on CIO Magazine and LinkedIn.

Student Success Stories

Sarah Patterson, Senior Web Developer, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering, UPS

Job Listing from CICT