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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the library's hours?​

The library's hours are listed here

Is the library open during breaks?

The library is open on limited operating hours during the quarterly breaks. Details can be found in the Library News blog​ and our other social media pages (facebook and twitter).  Changes will also be posted in the library during Finals Week.

Do you have library fines?  

We do not charge library fines, however, users will be charged for lost or damaged books.

Do you have any novels or leisure reading available in the library?  

Some literary classics are available in the 800’s section.  We also have the Paperback Exchange program, which offers books in a trade one-/-take one exchange.  

Do you have a Lost and Found?  

The library keeps a small lost and found at the Reference Desk, in addition to the official Lost & Found at the Public Safety Office. Valuable items such as cell phones or keys turned into the library will be taken to Public Safety for safekeeping.

Are cell phones permitted?  

Ringers should be muted in the library. Students are asked to take calls into the hallway outside the library to avoid disturbing other patrons.

Can I use the library's phone?  

The university’s office phones are not for student use. 

Are children permitted in the library?  

Children are welcome in the library while accompanied by a responsible adult, as long as they do not disturb other patrons. If children become disruptive, their guardians may be asked to remove them from the library.  

Can I bring a drink or a snack into the library?  

Only capped, bottled water is permitted in the library. 

Can I check out headphones at the library?  

Headphones can be checked out at the Reference Desk, they are to be used while in the library and returned the same day.


How do I find books?  Tell me about the library's catalog.  

The library has an automated circulation system which allows students, staff, and faculty to search for library materials such as books and audiovisuals. 

How many library items can be checked out at one time?  

There is a checkout limit of ten books and three DVDs at one time to current students.  Alumni patrons are limited to three items at one time. 

How do I get a library card?  

Your Sullivan University ID card is your library card, please have it with you when checking out materials.

How long may library materials be checked out?  

Books are checked out for two weeks, DVD materials for 1 week.  Materials may be renewed up to three times, unless they are reserved by another user.  ​Some materials may have shorter check-out durations if they are on reserve for a class or an instructor. Time limits on these vary from 3 days, 1 day or in library use only. 

How can I renew my items?  

Patrons can request renewals for their items by speaking to a librarian.  

My instructor put a book or DVD on reserve for my class, and I need to check out the item. How do I do that?  

Materials on reserve have been taken out of the regular, library circulation and are on reserve for a class or an instructor. They are typically checked out for a shorter length of time, depending on the restrictions decided by the instructor, and vary from 3 days, 1 day or in library use only. For more information on specific materials or to check out a reserve item, please stop by the Reference Desk.
Can I renew my materials by phone?  Items can be renewed by phone until Week 9, when you will need to bring the book to the library for a renewal.

Can periodicals be checked out?  

Periodicals cannot be checked out. A photocopier is available. 

What are reference books, and can they be checked out?  

Reference books are dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias, and similar resources used for finding current factual information. They are stored in a specified area of the library and marked with a letter “R” on the spine. They cannot be checked out and must be used in the library.

If I keep items past their due date, will I receive an overdue notice?  

Patrons receive overdue notices at their official Sullivan University email address. Students with items overdue more than four weeks will have a hold put on their account.   [A hold prevents a student from registering for or attending class, drops students from existing classes, and prohibits a student from ordering transcripts or other records.]

What happens if I don't bring my books back by the end of the quarter?  

All library resources are due at the end of Finals Week (Week 11).   If items are not returned, a hold is put on the patron’s account and replacement fees may be charged. 

How do I get my hold removed so that I can register and attend classes?  

To remove a hold, patrons must bring their overdue items to the library and request a removal of their holds at the reference desk. Please allow about five to ten minutes for the process to be completed.

What if I want to keep my book throughout the break without being put on hold?  

In order to keep an item throughout the break, students must bring their items and a copy of their schedules for the following quarter to the library Reference Desk and request a renewal. Renewed items will be due on Monday of Week One of the following quarter.


​How do I log on to databases? 

Use the Articles & Databases​ link from the library's main page.  If you need help, please call the library at (859) 514-3359 for assistance.

I cannot find anything on my subject using the databases. I cannot find anything in a book, magazine, or newspaper either. What can I do?

One first step in beginning research is to think about your topic:  is it extremely narrow in focus?  A narrow topic such as the nutritional habits of 18-year old female college students during the winter months may get only 1 to 2 hits, if any.   
or maybe it is too general?  Starting with nutrition will get 1000’s of hits, many more than you may have time to filter.  If you add terms to your topic, such as nutrition and college students, your results may become easier to manage. 
you may also need to look at the database you are using. Is it an appropriate database for your topic? A business database may be inappropriate for health-related topics, for example. 
​If you’ve followed the above suggestions and are still having problems, you may want to consider synonyms (or other words) that could be used for your topic (i.e. attorney for lawyer, physician for doctor, etc.).  And always – talk to the librarian for assistance.  We are here to help and may be able to suggest other ways to get started.  ​

I found the title of an article that I like in one of the databases, but the document isn't available in full-text. What can I do?

Use the Journal Holdings​ tab to search the title of journal or magazine.  If the journal is availble, information on how to find a copy will display -- either on the shelves at a campus library and/ or full-text in a library database.  ​
If title is full-text in a database, note the dates displaying compared to your citation.  Database title links will take your to a Table -of-Contents for the journal, where you can use your citation to locate article text.  

My instructor has assigned a paper that requires articles from a magazine. The library does not appear to have the magazines I need. She/he said I cannot use information from the Internet. How do I get the articles?  

Many of the magazines or information that you need probably can be found using an online database from a system such as Proquest or EBSCOhost. These database systems contain magazines or journals online and are not the same as using information from the Internet. The articles found on these database systems are exactly the same as a hard (print) copy of the article. Magazines such as Time and Newsweek can be found on these databases. Your instructor should accept an article found on reliable, reputable databases such as these. If you have any questions, please be sure and check with your instructor.


Is it okay to ask a librarian for help with my research?  

YES!  Patrons are encouraged to ask librarians for help -- just stop by the desk when you are on campus. Librarians can recommend books, databases, and other resources, provide research advice, and train patrons to use the library, the databases, and other resources more effectively. They can also offer assistance over the phone at  (859) 514-3359 or via e-mail at liblex@sullivan.edu. 

Can I make an appointment to work one-on-one with a librarian?  Yes. In addition to drop-in visits, patrons can call the library at (859) 514-3359 and request an appointment with a librarian.

I don’t know how to type my paper on the computer (or how to use Microsoft Word). How can I learn how?  

There are tutors available to help in the Tutoring Center, located in Rm 135 in the hallway next to the library.   The schedule of available tutors hangs outside that door.  If you do not see a tutor scheduled when you need for what you need, contact slxtutoring@sullivan.edu to find out about additional availability. ​


How do I log in to the computers?  

If the logon screen displays immediately, enter your SUS username, which, for students, is your first initial, the first five letters of your last name, and a random four-digit number. Check your schedule if you have forgotten your username.   Your default password is your social security number with no hyphens. If you are an international student and do not have a social security number, please contact the IT department at (866) 755-7807. 

If there is no username and password box on the screen, click the icon labeled “Terminal Server,” or “Click here.” A username and password box will appear. Proceed in the manner described above.
Every Sullivan University students has space on the network to store papers and other information (a locker). This enables you to save information to your locker from one computer and; later, go to another computer and pull up the information to print or continue working.  To save information to your locker:

  1. ​log on a computer.
  2. go to wherever the information is that you want to save. (for example, you were in Word working on a paper and want to save the paper).
  3. go to File and then Save As.
  4. click on the drop down menu on the Save As box and double click on your username.
  5. finally, click on the Save button to save your paper (be sure that your paper has a name in the File Name box).

To open your locker:  

  1. Double click on the My Computer icon on the desktop.
  2. The items in My Computer will appear.
  3. Find your username and click on it to open your locker.
  4. Your locker should open and display the contents.
  5. Double click on the item you want to view.

I printed something from my workstation – where did it go?  

The library has a central printer/photocopier located on the right side of the library near the Reference Desk, it appears as  AC-SLX-LRC.  All workstations in the library print to this machine.  Each page printed debits your printing quota amount.  If needed, you can add more money to your printing quota in the Bookstore.  

I have a CD-ROM I have to use for my class. How can I do that with the library computers?  

All of the computers in the library use Virtual Desktop Interface (or VDI) and these workstations do not have a CD drive.  You can check out a portable CD drive at the Reference Desk to use while you are in the library. 

How do I log on to my online class?  

Go to http://sullivan.blackboard.com. Use your Sullivan University student ID (first initial, first five letters of last name, and a random four-digit number) as your username, and your social security number as your password. If you continue to have difficulty, contact the E-Learning Department at (502) 413-8800 option #1, or (888) 299-5312.  

The library is closing, but I still need a computer. Where can I go?

Unless a class is meeting in the room, all of the computer labs are open to students when the library is closed and the building is open.  

What is the library's Internet use policy?

The library’s Acceptable Use Policy is available on the library’s website.  Talk to a librarian if you need help locating it.